Handy Guide To Buy Prescription Glasses Online

This article was published on November 6th, 2020
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For many of us, online shopping is always a pleasure. Especially with the current situation of the global pandemic and social distancing forcing most of us to stay home, online shopping has certainly boomed in 2020 both for convenience and necessity.

Shopping online is way too convenient and safer than going directly to a store for daily essentials, groceries, food or clothes. Thanks to the internet, we have everything at our fingertips. But what about glasses? Well, shopping for casual glasses or shades can be a piece of cake but, can the same be told for prescription glasses?

Unlike fancy eyeglasses or general sunglasses, shopping online for prescription glasses can be a bit challenging. Since prescription eyeglasses serve a specific purpose, it is essential that you consult your optometrist before browsing online for the right pair of glasses. You want the right pair of spectacles that will help you to see better but also reflect your personality in style if you are wearing them regularly.

So, to help you make better decisions with buying the right pair of glasses online here is a handy guide that will walk you through how to buy prescription glasses online effectively.

Get Your Pupillary Distance [PD] and Prescription Right.

Before you proceed online to buy glasses, the first step to take here is to check for a prescription from your latest eye check-up. It can be on your desk or filed anywhere in your cupboards or drawer, but be sure to find it and check in the exact requirements you need. Also make sure to measure the pupillary distance [PD] right, i.e., the space between your eyes.

With the right prescription and PD measurement, you are all set to get your right pair of spectacles online.
In case, if your prescription is outdated, make sure to go for an eye exam or book in an appointment for an eye check-up online near you before moving towards the site to buy glasses.

Choose The Right Frames That Match Your Face Shape.

Once you have found your right PD and prescription, the next step is to find the right frame that is comfortable to wear all day long & suits your face shape.

Your prescription glasses are not just a tool that aids your vision, but also makes up an important part of the style statement that defines your personality. Predominantly this character is mirrored straight through one’s face.

We all have different face shapes from oval to round, heart, square, and so on. To purchase the right pair of eyeglasses that suits your personality, it is essential to know the right frames that match your face shape.

For example, say that you have a round face. Therefore it is better to keep away from oval-shaped frames, but if you are someone with a defined jawline or an angular face, round frames can really flatter your look.

Once you find the right frame that works for your face, look into the add-on details like colours, patterns, designs, those that help you to better tune your style.

Pick your favourite retailer and consider these simple points to find the right pair of glasses that suits your face and personality. It is easy to fall for fancy trends but remember that many fads are short-lived. Not every style suits everyone so be sure to make the right call that works for you.

Buy Your Lenses.

Now that you have found your right frame, it’s time to shop for the lenses to fill them. The first move for that is to check your prescription. Note that just frames lenses also come in different forms serving different purposes to protect your eyes.

Lenses come in all forms and ranges. Some of them come with anti-scratch layers or coating then there are some that change colours from light to dark depending on the sunlight and some of them are specially meant to block out certain colours of light, etc. For example, there are speciality eye protection lenses that are designed to be used by people who work on the computer for long hours.

Each of these types of lens’ costs vary depending on its features. Choose the one that goes with and works with your regular lifestyle and environment you have to deal with on a daily basis. For example, if you are an active person who tends to drop their glasses often or someone who puts around their glasses without much thought, then anti-scratch lenses are your best bet here. Even if some of them may look expensive, it can be a worthy investment for your ever-important eye health.

Check The Return Policy.

When it comes to online shopping, there is always a possible situation where you order something and need to return it later for some reason or another. Same goes with prescription glasses.

To avoid any kinds of issues, disappointments or regrets, it is better to read through and review the product warranty and return policies. You will either find the returns applied within a certain number of days with a certain period of warranty covered for the product. Or else, you will know how much of repair or due cost to expect.

Go For The Final Call.

Now that you have checked in your prescription, PD, frame shapes, lenses and even review the returns and warranty policy. You are all ready to make the final move here, all you have to do is pick in your type of shipping option, check-in for discounts or offers, expected time of delivery, and click on that order button. Just make sure to check in the product return policy again before the last call to be sure to avoid any regrets later.

Now that you know the essential steps to buy your prescription glasses, give yourself a pat on the back and relax. You will have your perfect pair of glasses delivered soon.

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